BaselsReply 2.0

Send automate text responses to missed calls


  • Simple to configure
  • Message scheduling


  • Doesn't support MMS messages


There are times when it's impossible to answer your mobile, you don't hear it ring, or you simply don't want to speak to the caller. If you don't want to seem rude or like you're ignoring that person then why not send them a response to let them know why you're not answering, or at least lie about why you're not answering?

It's easier to do than you might think, and you can achieve it pretty quickly using BaselsReply. The program allows you to send automated SMS messages to anyone who tries to call you but can't get through.

Besides this functionality, the app also lets you compose text messages and schedule them to be sent at a given time. This can be useful for delaying the release of information. BaselsReply is dead simple to use, you just have to define the text message you want to send and activate the service, before it will do everything for you in a completely autonomous way.

I like the idea of this program, although it would've be great to have some extra functionality such as the ability to send automated MMS messages. I'd love it if you could send a personal video response explaining why you can't get to the phone.

Nevertheless, as a tool for scheduling messages or responding automatically to missed calls, BaselReply provides a simple-to-use solution.

BaselsReply is a typical "answering machine" for your Pocket PC. The difference is that BaselsReply answers with a SMS. How does it work? Well, you write your message in the "Message" field and then press "Activate".

When you've done this, the program should activate. The next time someone calls, BaselsReply will send a SMS to the caller with your message and the Console will register: CallerID - Date and Time.



BaselsReply 2.0

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